Principal International Sponsor Kidsafe Initiative

20 November 2014

Principal International is pleased to announce our support for Kidsafe.

An organisation dedicated to help keep children safe across the United Kingdom and Eire, Kidsafe provide help and advice to teach children to be aware of their safety. Working in schools and children’s organisations across the nation, Kidsafe use a variety of methods to ensure that children know how to keep themselves and others safe through their actions and awareness.

Principal International Property Investment

Principal International Kidsafe Initiative

The training and resources that Kidsafe provide are not funded by the government. Instead, Kidsafe asks local businesses to provide the small amount of funding needed to offer children this essential training. Principal International is delighted to offer our sponsorship to the scheme, helping children in Surrey to learn the skills they need to stay safe.

For more information about Kidsafe, please click here.

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